#5 Devon Smith - Best and Fairest (really)


No Devon Smith. I think he ought to be there.


He is?




Has lead all year in terms of providing an example on how we need to play in order to become successful. I love his uncompromising approach. Has all the tools as a player. Great pickup!!!


Definitely deserves to make the final cut. Has had a ripping year.


Favourite player.

Leadership group, AA, and Crichton pls.


Torn between 5 or 10 on the guernsey


What on earth did you play in the dj thread to get that avatar?


It’s the Queen.
14 spins - maybe 15, even.


Yes I guessed it was the queen but was wondering what he played. I’ve muted the thread and weaned myself off what was becoming a compulsive addiction.


He is the new KoK
Hence - the regal avatar.


Ahhh ok - guessed that after I replied tbh.


He played ‘One Vision’ from It’s a Kind of Magic. And he abdicated on 15 spins. Could have kept going. Was in Devon Smith type form.


7.5 then it is


Your compulsive addiction needs feeding. Come home to the DJ thread.



You know GWS have alot of injuries. But if they were to really go all the way in the next couple years what they really need is a Devon Smith type.



well they cant have him back!!!


I don’t think he’ll win the Crichton, he’ll be placed second, sandwiched between Heppell and Zerrett.


That sounds like a fair enough outcome. But, I’m hoping he gets it. I think he’s the best thing since sliced bread :slight_smile:


I think Heppell will most likely win it but Smith has in my opinion almost singlehandedly changed our onfield culture.

I think Smith should win it but Heppell has had a huge influence since the slow start to the year so I wouldn’t be upset with that.