#5 Devon Smith - Best and Fairest (really)


The way the votes are given, I reckon Smith will win it.

When Smith wasn’t great, he was still good.
When Hep wasn’t great, he was ordinary.


That was largely a blitz opinion though. I wouldn’t be surprised if the coaches rated him higher than the general consensus on here. Even in the first 8 weeks, he got coaches votes a few times.


Smith should win it, Hep will win it


Would love to see him win it. Hepp has been incredibly good since the fark carlton, fark up though.


Surprised with how little has been said in the media about him breaking the tackling record.


Show me the numbers.


He plays for Essendon, I am not at all surprised. Add in how most of the media were writing him off as a poor pickup at the start of the year and you get how they wouldn’t like to say much about that at all.


He’s no Hayley Bullas.


Guess he didn’t make the All Australian - Gawn Cripps, Mitchell, Dusty, Gaff announced so far.


And Robbie gray selected on half forward flank - tell me he’s had a better year than Dev. Bullshit!


I reckon best case was always going to be interchange bench. Still a chance


36 goals vs 17

Hopefully he makes the bench


No luck - booo!!!


I am so outraged…


Deserved it.


How does Shane Edwards get an AA jumper ahead of Smith?

How does Shane Edwards get an AA at all?!?!!?!?


Because he’s had a great fkg year


There is no question Devon Smith should have got that spot…the immense record tackle count coupled with stats that are virtually on par with,and in some cases,better than Edwards should speak for itself.

But it didn’t.

Cause its the AFL.


Does this mean that he’s never heard of Kevin Smith? Get the man a copy of Clerks stat.


No need for two ruckmen in the AA side. Smith should have scored that interchange spot. Stiff.