#5 Devon Smith - Best and Fairest (really)


How many teams named this year would have had two legitimate ruckmen? A small percentage surely

And yet I’m sure there’s been years, back when two ruckmen were the standard, that they’ve snubbed one so that they can throw an extra midfielder in there.


Grundy and Gawn both deserved it though. Would be criminal to leave either out.


I had a mate called Kevin Smith through my teens. Damn near took his head off one night running in the dark down to my Bungalow in the backyard, & didn’t see the clothesline stretched across it.

It was high enough to walk under, … but he just happened to run onto a mound of garden dirt that had solidified, … lifted him just the foot or so needed, to catch him right underneath his Adams apple, … couldn’t talk for 2 months.

Fark we laughed…


Yep. Modern game. 1 ruckman. Gawn for mine.

Even if Grundy was chosen, Edwards should definitely have missed. Smith unlucky not to have made that side on the interchange bench.


I don’t know why everyone is so keen to talk down Shane Edwards. He’s a very good player and I’d have him here in a heartbeat


Not talking him down so much as saying Sausage should be in instead.

And that is clear as day.


No AA. Denied :frowning:


Smith had a far superior season than Titch.

Smith had more kicks, marks, goals, clearances, rebound 50s, & triple the tackles. Triple.


Not sure what you said Speedy but I agree!


Its much better for Devon to fly under the radar. Show’em next year.


Who is talking him down or saying they wouldn’t want him at Essendon?


He lacked the media profile of Titch.

You’re forgetting the trending stats from twitter and Richo.


Nah. Gill & KB are on the AA selection panel, aren’t they? Pro-Tigs & anti-Bombers bias fully covered with those two muppets.


I know that Smith will win the best and fairest.

And if (when) he does win, that will be definitive proof that I know all things.


Care to tell us who will win the GF? Just so we can get a few sly bets on.


Since you’re here I shall consult the Oracle

Who we getting at the trade and draft?


Thomas Anderson



Heard to say later “make 186 tackles or take one mark, for the same money? Geez I’m dumb.”


Gee, looks like one hell of an event.