#5 Devon Smith - Best and Fairest (really)


First year at the club and a Chrichton medallist. well deserving of that 5 on his back


If he’s not a walking talking beacon for potential recruits, I don’t know what is.


Fantastic! Worthy wearer of the no 5. So driven & passionate- love him!


Where are all the “Dyson will win it easily” posse now?

Well deserved and was our best player by far all season.

Congrats Dev.

Love having him in red & black.


I knew he was a champion all along!:roll_eyes:


Your mate


So so so happy he won it, by far our best player for the year. Smashed all expectations this year. Well done Devon, you have earned every plaudits coming your way


You’ve come a long way, Karma old bean.
A long, long, long , long, long way.


Blooody bandwagoners! :slight_smile:


What a star. Absolute ■■■■■■ star.


Favourite player. Well deserved. This is just the beginning.


Cmon Dylan,wake up buddy.
Your mate,with a dodge knee,plays injury free,wins a BnF,and is happier than ever.


Exceptional season. One of the few to actually not turn up at the halfway mark of the year.


What did he say in his acceptance speech?


It’s up on EFC site




Where was he if he didn’t turn up?


That’s unfair, Jackson Merrett definitely didn’t turn up halfway through - if at all, along with Long, and a few others…


Well done Devon Smith. You have come in and set a benchmark that challenges the rest of the team to improve in order to match your efforts. Leading the way. More to come, much more.


He wants a flag and he wants it bad!