#5 Devon Smith - Best and Fairest (really)




when the players we’re absolutely munted at revs after getting rowdy to jake brady’s set.


No he did turn up from the start, that’s my point.


Just joking about your wording.


TIPPAfies defensive efforts which our entire team need too lift and improve immensely too stop the easy goals being leaked.


Oh sorry, I thought someone was triggered again.


He is the kind of player who will one day be robbed a Norm Smith medal


He’s been robbed of 100k apparently

“The report notes that among those invested in the fund are former swim coach Scott Volkers who put in $220,000, former AFL player and assistant coach Simon Black ($80,000), current Essendon AFL player Devon Smith ($100,000), former AFL player Clark Keating ($100,000), former Olympic swimmer Sam Riley ($50,000) and Riley’s husband Tim Fydler ($100,000), as well as Olympic cyclist Robbie McEwen ($50,000) and Melbourne Storm’s director of performance Lachlan Penfold ($127,559).”



Devon Smith was sent to show Essendon what they needed to be. Phase 1 complete.


Nah. Was ordered by Zach Merrett and Dyson Heppell. Need a super annoying tackle machine who knows where the sticks are. Woosha “Disco, can we get one of those?” “On it, and he’s going cheap”


But fark Carlton have been saying he’s going there. They reckon Saad is there too.



This photo made my day.


Bahahahaha comedy gold


That guy there is your stereotypical flog FC supporter. They are all like that.

Here’s hoping they spend eternity rooted to the bottom of the AFL ladder.


Love it.

I wonder how poor old Brett is feeling now?


Probably bragging about how he’s going to spend the proceeds on his 1500-1 bet on those plonkers winning the flag.

And how Coniglio, Kelly and sundry others have already verbally committed to them for 2020.


I’ve heard from one of Coniglios family members that this contract will have to involve the $$$ and west coast or Carlton are the 2 clear front runners.

Family friends with Cripps and close with SOS.


Not so moist now I suspect, probably more pineappled.


Also supposedly best mates with O’Meara

I still can’t see Coniglio as per Shiel going to a bottom dwelling club at this stage of his career

WC are going to be fkn flying if they somehow get Coniglio with Kelly already essentially lined up to get there also.