#5 Devon Smith - Best and Fairest (really)


Coniglio, Smith and Shiel, and Kelly made a pact to win a premiership together. Dodoro just trying to make it work.


Is that like Shiel going to them because he is close to SOS, barracked for them as a kid and met his hero Judd?


Here’s hoping we can make them look like an extremely unattractive proposition for any potential A-Graders this year.


You can see his back-track on the Big Footy Shiel thread.

Basically within two minutes of the decision being made public he says that he personally didn’t want Shiel, thinks he is overated and that FCFC are dodging a bullet. And that he was just a ‘messenger’ passing on information.


please tell me that post is still there. id love a screencap to add to the initial pic :smiley:


Trust me dude. I said why the fark would you go to Carlton as well.

He agreed.

Basically said Stephen knows what it is like to play for a ■■■■ team. He has done the hard work. And that he’d be stupid to do all that again.


I think it’s in the Shiel thread on the ‘Scandal and Rumours’ board… thread title something like ‘Shiel is a done deal’

Edit: somewhere in this thread: https://www.bigfooty.com/forum/threads/shiel-a-done-deal.1206474/


Looking at Devs unusual tackling style. He closes to within tackling distance, opens arms up wide, waits, to ensure prior opportunity then closes his arms fast, presumably to impact the arms and dispossess the opponent. Dev tackles to dispossess. He does not bother going for HTB, although thats his second option in the event that the opponent manages to hold onto the ball.


Any news about this injury at training today?


Twitter watch please.



still nothing on twitter…


6 weeks to round one. We’ll be doing well if he’s back by Anzac day, assuming the report is accurate.




I refuse to give that a like.


Still nothing anywhere. I’m hoping it isn’t a major injury.


Could be getting a scan, which is why we haven’t heard anything.


should be right


Thank goodness. Hope Peter is right.


Flag is back on


Smith hasn’t had the best of pre-seasons to date.