#5 Devon Smith - Best and Fairest (really)


Has he actually been injured or are they just managing his loads due to how big of season he had?


Not quite sure. He has been running lightly, hitting a certain number of K’s without exerting too much. It may be part of a long-term management plan. To me it feels like he is behind in training.


Revised my prediction from bottom 4 to undefeated


Does that mean a corked bicep?

Either way whatever it is seemingly minor so put him on ice for contact training. Can keep running all he likes.

Fark JLT


Being managed.


So does this mean an amputation or not?


Does this mean Nino’s suicide watch can be downgraded to category 2?


You can now add Smith to the group that’s a qrt of our best players who now have had intrupped pre seasons.

Not good


If only we picked up Mitch Wallis we would have had a ready made replacement.


Geez, remember when that was a thing?


We were going to have Mitch Wallis, Brad Crouch and Tyson at one stage weren’t we?

Kelly on the bench obvs


Note my post needs Sarcastica font.


Some footage has emerged of the incident.



“DEVON! you son of a ■■■■■”


It’s ok, it’s just a knock.



so is he dead or?


He’s alive but scans show that he is technically “bicep dead.” His low bicep activity doesn’t even allow him to feed himself. It’s a tough decision for any family to face.