#5 Devon Smith - Best and Fairest (really)


I’m not overrating him. I don’t have a strong opinion either way.

But our season was gone at Rnd 8.

If Laverde was fit. Woosha would have been playing him.


Laverde is a lead/Mark medium forward who hasn’t shown much at ground level in the F50 nor has he shown much defensively either. I don’t think he is competing for Baguley’s spot.

His only spot in the forwardline would be in stringers spot as a 3rd tall/mid but I’d have Stewart and Brown ahead of him for the 3rd tall.

Luckily for him he has shown an ability through the midfield, which is where his AFL future lies imo. The coaches seem to have him playing up the ground and even behind the play recently too.

Begley is still an enigma to me in regards to his position, I don’t know whether he has the defensive ability of Baguley and he hasn’t shown as much through the middle yet to suggest he could be a legitimate AFL rotation, yet.

Both would be best served to play the first half dozen VFL games through the middle.

Anyway none of this matters as Mozzie is gonna rule the world


There’s nothing stopping Laverde from putting pressure on like Smith. If he discovers that and realises that’s the most important part in his role he’ll leave baguley for dead.


Except Laverde has the turning circle of an ocean liner.

Smith can change direction far easier so he’s not easily shaken.


… but not stirred.


Oh, Moneypenny, do behave!



ha wtf



Picked a wooden spooner? Just great - given Suns a bit of motivation for when they play the Bombers.


“My Essendon teammate Dylan Shiel”

– Dev Smith

Still gives me tingles in all the right places


It’s to early to start looking for positives.

Lets allow this Joey D situation to run its course first.


Just like everyone else with a player who filled out the same survey?


Smartest thing Riewoldt has said for a while.


Devon Smith (Essendon)

I think in terms of culturally what he did for that group last year down the stretch was enormous. The team defensively were almost shocked or inspired into action because of the way that he went about playing his game defensively, and culturally the way that can spread through a team that is the way you change the culture. What he does defensively makes him so important. We used to see Lenny Hayes do it and it would rub off on the group. It inspires your teammates and it becomes a reference point for your coaches.


Hirdy would have loved Smith in the side as he was trying to build his defensive game plan