#5 Devon Smith - Best and Fairest (really)


not sure if serious?


Gets a big wrap for his work rate in this clip.

Start the play running in support of McGrath at half back, draws the opposition player allowing McGrath to slice inside, sprints the length of the field to support Begley inside the forward 50, Zero touches but huge contribution. Massive fan of this guy.


Beautiful kick of the ball and a great addition to the side. Hopefully he pushes forward as much as he used to for GWS


1 percenter set up goddards team lifting goal in the last.

love having this bloke in our side. lock him away.


I may have queried aloud before that stoppage what the hell Joe was doing.

I apologised afterwards.


Top 5 in b&f or top 3?


Just about our only winner on the ground tonight.

Well done Dev.


welcome to your first taste of essington.

wait for your ceo to tweet it wasn’t acceptable and for your leadership group to demand an apology.


I’m pretty sure I’m actually in love with him.

Bets on how long until he’s essingtoned? Three more games for it to set in?


Smith 10
Saad 5
Stringer 0


His teammates need to take a good look at how he goes about it. Sorry for the cliche.


13 tackles



woosh should just get highlights of devon and force the entire midfield group to watch it non-stop to see what should really be ■■■■■■■ done when you walk onto the field.


Feel embarrassed. The guy looked like he was playing in a different team.


Shows how ■■■■ our midfield is when he couldn’t even get a game for GWS


Class player


He looked great, tackles with intent and does the defensive stuff. The fact that GWS can leak players of his calibre is pretty telling.


Plays with intent every week something his team mates could learn


Steal absolute farking steal of the trade period. Stringer will turn it on, not if but when. Would love him at full forward jd chf and stevie that roaming type. That means hooker back. Would love this to happen.


Worth every penny and pick 11