#5 Devon Smith - Best and Fairest (really)


Was fantastic. Pressure acts are through the roof.


Hungry. That opening goal from around 40 is exactly what I love to see in footballers. Especially in red and black It’s not en vogue to just plonk it on the run and go bang but he nailed it.


Need another one of him… preferably about 5 inches taller


I have this weird theory about the early days of GWS, and how well they did to absorb the massive losses they copped, and not have it break the young kids.

I watched a lot of early GWS, and even when they were getting spanked, it was rarely because they dropped their heads, or gave up. They kept playing the same brand of footy, no matter what the scoreline was.

I don’t feel that Gold Coast managed this the same way, and subsequently there are a stack of talented kids who went through GC who never made it, and really should have. Too many short cuts were taken by them I feel.

What I’m getting at is this: While we only have a small sample to go on (2 games, and 2 pre season games), it appears that Devon Smith rocks up with the same intent and keeps it up for four quarters, regardless of the score or the opponent.

That’s a credit to the early days of GWS imo, and maybe even a Sheeds thing.


So what you’re saying is. Devon doesn’t appreciate not putting in effort.


It is all above the shoulders.

Have been saying for a long time, perhaps the Bombers need a very good NLP/Psychologist type person or someone like Richard Bandler. Bandler use to work with and maybe still does and trains the top SAS type in the American Military. They hit the bullseye 100 times out of a 100 times. All of us are only as strong as our weakest link and how we perform under stress and duress shows that.


I can’t believe GWS let him go.


playing old stevie j over devon smith, great coaching decision that.


Will win the b+f easily


Xavier’s apologising to the players right now for you even thinking about it…


Gun. Everything about him is great. We don’t have many players that turn up even when they don’t feel like it.


Yep, thought pre-season he could be a b&f smoky…now he’s legit every chance


No “maybe” - definitely a Sheedy thing.


cos he was the first of the 3 to come to us, i had a soft spot at trade time, donno why but just did.

as others have said, 4 games in and he is a country mile ahead of anyone else on this list, zerrett is second.

If he had of started at essendon I have no doubt he’d be our captain as of right now.

Donno about anyone else, but watching him play takes me back to the johnsons, hardwick, solly in their primes era of 99-01. Just that attitude.


Watching him put in 100% effort for 4 qtrs week in week makes the rest of the team look even worse and makes you question why the acceptance of mediocrity at EFC if newly traded players show ten times more gusto than our own stock

will essendon train devon into apathetic lazy ■■■■■■■■ football too?

hopefully not


Tossa be gone button…



“Now class, for today’s show and tell, Devon is going to show us how to football”


After 2 games I legit wish he were our captain. He has that old school mid 80’s, 2000 Bombers spirit about him. N


The coaching stuff just need to make a 5 minute clip and have them watch it on repeat. Bloke will be in our leadership group next season


Nah not happening from all reports he’s lifting some of the standards at training.