#5 Devon Smith - Best and Fairest (really)


This bloke is going to win the B & F in a canter.


He seems to have a good rapport with Stringer, which should help Stringer’s development and application.

Just love Devon’s seriousness on the field. He is there to do a job and wants to do it as best as possible. His commitment and skills is a big plus for the team.


i just feel we are going to let him down.


Thread needs balance. Hi @karmabomber!


Just wait for when Dev’s “honeymoon period” ends! (Is that the sought of balance you’re looking for DJR?? :wink:)


should get a public apology from the playing group. has a better workrate on match day than half the side combined.


all bias aside from my rage, a few times today on the wing, it looked as though he was looking at the bench, as if to say what the ■■■■ is going on.

I think today was his first real sight of what essendon is, and boy did he look ■■■■■■ off.


He’s got the kind of heart we need more of. Unfortunately, he’s small and will kill himself trying to make up for the rest of the midfield who are lacking in the mongrel we need. There is a reason GWS didn’t have him in their midfield and he’s starring in ours… that’s the gap.

Final four, fark me whoever thought that was a possibility


I feel really sorry for this guy. He had no idea what a basket case we are.


stubborn, but we’ll breed his heart and passion to win out of him yet, we’ll also ruin his disposal by foot and make him doubt all his natural instincts as a footballer, the essendon effect, count on it


He will be dragged down to Essington standards soon


Must be regretting not choosing fark carlton.

Our recruits will probably start asking for cooling-off clauses once mid season trades become a thing.


Can you imagine going from a really strong team in GWS to playing in this side…


Either did i. I drank the kool aid thinking we were a top 4 prospect.

I’m clearly a moron


I thought he struggled in today’s game - Didn’t seem to get to as many contests, was a bit fumbly and indecisive at times.


In fairness, it would be hard to shine in the last game.


Given had scans during week may have been sore post Freo game. He did run himself ragged

Wasn’t able to be anywhere near as effective

Would have been nice for his team mates to step up this week instead


There might also be a reason why they failed to make the last 2 Grand Finals, when they undeniably have more talent than the respective sides who won the Flag !


Not sure what you’re saying. It’s not really going out in a limb to say GWS have a better midfield than ours.


I’m saying maybe he should have been part of that centre square group more often, rather than all out attack.
How defensive are Kelly, Shiel, Scully etc…?