#5 Devon Smith - Best and Fairest (really)


Heppell is one of the best trainers at this club. Stop sprouting crap about these players.

Sure, their game day hasn’t been great this year but that doesn’t mean they are not training hard and are not trying to get it right. You lot make it seem like the players don’t care and that just lazily turn up to work. If you spend any time at the club you will know that simply isn’t the case.


Nah, fair enough - the G Dub have been very one way and probably could have used Smith’s mongrel… instead of being all Harlem Globetrotter, all the time.


11 tackles. Love this bloke


Best pickup since Goddard?


Lol, what a difference a week makes.




Will probably be a better pickup.


Surely leading the B&F? Think he got tagged but still had 17 possessions, 8 contested and 11 tackles!


It’s not just his tackle numbers, it’s the intent to hurt that he brings with each tackle.

I friggin love this guy.


He topped our running distance again also

Just a workhorse both ways


one of the shortest in our team, standing in the middle of a back in the forward line, ball finds him somehow…


That tackle some one needs to make a gif.


Devon doesn’t really appreciate anyone.


Absolute love this bloke. Angry little kent who loves a tackle and leaves nothing out on the ground. Has been a sensational pick up


Unsociable footy


Tenacious little ■■■■!
Loving the way he plays!


Has been even better than I thought when we picked him up. If he isn’t leading the BnF right now something is legit wrong


Would have fitted in like a glove in the 2000 Premiership.

Is the key piece to our midfield at present IMO.


I’m finding hard to believe…

… we’ve got Devon.


Flaming loves a tackle