#5 Devon Smith - Best and Fairest (really)


Plays angry, much to love about Dev. Great pick up.


Not enough appreciation.


He was unbelievably good today. Without him the result may have been different. He is a tackling machine


Has a bit of mongrel about him. Need more players like him.


You reckon devon spends time in the mirror practising ‘human’ emotions?


Nothing like having a bit of a mongrel


Impossible to imagine the BBlitz emotions if Devon played as he does, but looked like Guelfi.


would cause an absolute implosion. Hopefully Guelfi plays like devon.


Can’t see it would make much difference if he had #35 instead of #5. :angel:


Is that Devon in your pants or are you just happy to see me?


Very, very good player. Sets the tone each week on defensive pressure and running. Fast becoming one of our most important players.


great game

very unlike him to miss that shot running in to put us 45 up and ice the game


Think we should keep him.


Hands down my favourite player at the moment. His intent is absolutely fantastic


How perceptions can change!

I never watched GWS matches. But Smith’s first 2 seasons he was a front running half forward flanker.

11 tackles. Wow.


Yep, loving this pick up has been our most consistent player so far. Really great two way player.


So given how good he is, who do we get from GWS next who is a mid playing out of position?




I wish. Sadly he seems to like playing fwd.

Perhaps we can help him find a way to have another off field indiscretion so he can go cheap?


I don’t know what’s wrong with me lately. The team we have at the moment is challenging my “only defenders can be my favourites” mentality. RAZ, Smith and Stewart make me very happy.