#5 Devon Smith - Best and Fairest (really)


Still ■■■■■■■ clueless about what role he’s playing. Talking about how he adds balance to our forwarded line


Think he will thrive today. Seems the type of bloke who will love what the day stands for and love the big stage.


Would love to see him go to sidebottom


feel sorry for Devon, one of only a few who busts a gut


Should be Captain.


Let’s get serious FFS.


You could see how filthy he was with today…


Give him the B&F then cut him loose to join a decent side. His sort of effort doesn’t deserve the tripe we’re giviing him.


So glad that he chose us. Feel sorry for him that he chose us.


Sorry Dev, we should do the right thing and let him go to a decent club


Thought he looked overawed by the occasion today and realised that he probably played to more people this arvo than he would in a year playing for GWS.


I kinda feel like we’ve let him down…


Actually thought he played a good job and did well on Sidebottom in his midfield match-up - Sidebottom was nowhere as influential as the previous two weeks and in fact did most of his damage when he rested forward.


We should do him a favour and trade him to someone else?? I know people are not serious, but welcome Devon, to a real club with a rich history that doesn’t receive 10 first round draft picks a season, has heavy expectations from supporters who enjoyed 7 Grand Final appearances over 18 years including 4 Flags but are now enduring a drought of success.


Another player just like Goddard who was sold magic beans by the club.

Only bloke who gives a fark 99% of the time.


The only one? The one guy on our list?


best pickup by far


Poor guy. Should be winning our BnF by a mile


This guy is the bench mark for others in the club to aspire to in terms of pressure and two way running.

Does not point fingers and tell others to do the hard yards, he just puts his head down and harasses.


Gives 100% all game. Thank goodness we have him, otherwise you wonder how much worse we’d be.

Has a v.good bond with Stringer and you see them looking out for each other. When Smith kicked a goal in the 4th and only one player congratulated him, Stringer run from a way back in the forward line to congrats him.


Gun. We should halve every players salaries and increase his by the same amount.