#5 Devon Smith - Best and Fairest (really)


Actually my favourite player right now.


But Dodoro is ■■■■.


mine too, absolutely love him


I’d like to apologize to Devon Smith, (and Stringer and Saad for that matter) for selling a dream which as it turns out was undeliverable. I only hope your time at EFC doesn’t suck the life out of you and condemn your football careers to the doldrums.


Should trade him at the end of the season while he has value. If you are essendon for more than 2 seasons you get the Essington Stink and your class diminishes.


We should do the right thing by him and let him go. We don’t deserve him.


Easily our best player


Yep will be winning our b&f by a mile replaces Myers in the leadership group come seasons end.


Shows how far off it we are when someone can come from GWS and be our best player.


It was reported that he was lifting the training standards the moment he arrived at the club that’s an indicement on the club.


If only he were a few inches taller.


How ■■■■■■■ embarrassing. And this isn’t something new, people have been saying this for the last 8 years.


Need a few more players like Devon

Bemusing we didn’t have a crack at Tom Mitchell no one was intrested but Hawthorn.


You keep saying that yet I have read from others in here that we did ask. He wanted Hawthorn only.


Before this year I don’t recall anyone saying Devon Smith was lifting our training standards. :slight_smile:


Becasue we came late to the party


Bomber Thompson and Hird said it when they came to the club which led to the drug saga,


“What have we done?”


So Devon Smith is to blame for the drug saga ?


Considering how early Hawthorn had targeted him and spoken to his manager it would have been extremely unlikely any other club would get into him in time.