#5 Devon Smith - Best and Fairest (really)


I know if I was at a club that just played in a grand final and my suitors were a top 4 team coming off the back of a threepeat and the wooden spooners, I’d really have to give it a lot of careful thought.


Wonder how long it will be before he checks the ■■■■ out?


I love this ■■■■, can’t wait for him to be a wallowing ball of self pity in 2-3 seasons.


welcome to the wagon




remember when the main worry was him displacing colyer? lol


Anyone that was worried about that needs to insta ban themselves


Love him. Worried we’re going to ‘Essendon’ him.


We won’t Esssendon him Devon is too smart of a player.


15 tackles

This bloke hasn’t even been at the club a year and gives more of a toss even when we are getting slaughtered week in week out.

Is there a more damning sign that our b&f’s are becoming more often a player nurtured to afl maturity at another club? And that they regularly, like Goddard when he came over, and now Smith, show more of an intent/passion less of a spoilt/can’tsomeoneelsedoit ■■■■ weak mentality year in year out?

How lucky are we to have tricked this bloke into thinking we were a football club, but how rotten is the evidence against our development of basic football spirit and a decent work ethic.


We owe Smith and Goddard an apology.


Can you change thread title and put it on Myers’ please?


Sorry Dev


Yes we fibbed.


Love this blokes. Absolute gun.

Hated seeing our guys getting physically bullied by the tiny Blues today.

Stringer is similar I think, though not as good, is more passionate than most.


One of the shortest on our list but walks the tallest


Do the right thing by him and let him go. We should not stuff up a promising career by keeping him at our absolute joke of a club.


Smith has more tackles (15) than half our side had possessions.

We are in serious trouble.


Give him the captaincy next year.


Do you think he thought to himself after the game ’ I Should of gone to carlton’ or do players not really think about these things?