#5 Devon Smith - Best and Fairest (really)


Trade him for his own good


Can he coach?


I know it’s been said many times but i can’t help but laugh about the fact that this guy COULDN’T GET A GAME IN THE GIANTS MIDFIELD and yet he is the BEST MIDFIELDER at Essendon


That’s got nothing to do with the GWS coach’s sand everything to do with how ■■■■ out midfield is.


Yea, that’s the point i’m trying to make…


make him the captain. And our soft you know whats who were upset by him trying to hard during pre-season can head for the door.

Let’s get a standard in the joint. Just 1!


I like the idea of him being Vice Captain or highly ranked in the leadership group next year then potentially taking over a year or two later, gives him time to earn the respect from the playing group, lead the way in a preseason and show the guys what it takes to be apart of the club. Essentially everything Heppell seems to be lacking at the moment. He will be a best and fairest player by then too.


I genuinely feel sorry for him playing in this crappola.


This guy is the only player earning the respect of the fans at the moment and he backs it up week after week.


This guy is a classic example of the sort of effort you can give even when surrounded by garbage.

Would happily give this guy the captaincy right now


Having an absolute crack but we recruited him and he came here because he wants to be a top line mid. He’s averaging slightly more disposals than he did at gws. For us to improve this year we needed him to turn into a player that impacted the game with 25-30 disposal, not 20 with 15 tackles. Whist some players can impact with 20, l don’t think he has. He has been the most solid and consistent of our mids, has put in the most effort of all of them but l’m not as bullish on his performances as everyone else on here.


poor ■■■■■■■


would happily drop everyone and have Devon play by himself each week for the rest of the year


Yeah I don’t know if this is typical angry Blitzin’ but right now if they announced that he’d be captain next year I’d be thrilled.


if it said next week i’d buy a Guernsey with the 5 on the back right now.

he and conor are basically my only reasons for watching right now.


You’re obviously unaware of ORAZIO


why? hes just gonna ping a hammy any minute now.


He can’t rack up 25 because he’s too busy chasing everyone else’s opponents for them!

Legit carrying this side atm.


Same same carrying for 15 years
Hird, Jobe, Zerrett


If he didn’t bother tackling like the rest of the midfield then he would probably rack up a few more. Or maybe he can sit at half back and chip it back to Hurley a few times.
If the rest of the team showed his fkn spirit and we still lost no one would give a FK.
I don’t understand this club.