#5 Devon Smith - Best and Fairest (really)


Imagine what he could do if/when we get ourselves a development team? The fact that he has increased his possessions despite being in a pitiful joke of a team is nothing short of a miracle.
He is the only player on the list to have held his form from previous years. He’s done that on sheer talent alone, certainly not through anything our inept football department has done.


Will likely win the Crichton medal this year and should ascend to the captaincy of our club has any intestinal fortitude.


@Riolio can we get some more 420gsm posters made up?

This time they can just say:

Sorry Devon.


He’s made better than most.
Tries his guts out.
Disciplined proper player.
The fact he has no ■■■■■■■ support tells you something. I can’t find another on our team at the moment but go ahead and say eh?


This is a quote from HUN article pasted in the other thread.



And people continue to blame the coaches.

Nothing stopping players from getting their hands dirty for the past 15 years.

We have always been frontrunners


Puts the strength of our list into true perspective when Smith walks in and the disparity between him and the other mids is painfully obvious.


Good news story - now there’s something.

Might seem like a b*llshit claim to fame, but this is a great quality to have in today’s game - if only we had a few more…


Nothing b*llshit about it at all.

Wish we had a few of him.


Was on SEN a few minutes ago for those interested but missed most of the interview unfortunately.


Thanks for that epic recap.


Would add Saad and Stringer as well


Welcome :joy:


almost as fiesty as no vote in the dj thread.


Haha. Just a ■■■■ stirrer.
However I am interested to see how the guy that has probably half the tackles and pressure acts for the whole team feels about that.


Seemed genuinely disappointed that Neeld was gone.


guess you could say he was the scapegoat.


I didn’t get that impression at all. Nothing negative to say about him but more tellingly nothing positive


He was quite precise in saying Neeld could be a great administrator or businessman. Nothing about coaching. The communication professionals didn’t notice that and press further.


He said: “I’m pretty flat, because Neeldy used to [inaudable] me in meetings. We had a pretty good relationship”