#5 Devon Smith - Best and Fairest (really)


well Saad played for the suns so i think we saved him from them


He is one of the best #5 since hird


I reckon he and Stants would be battling it out for top spot.




gets hyped all week, puts in even more intent

how much do you friggin love this bloke

almost snagged a great goal too


The kind of game where he could have taken a week off, taken it easy and let someone else do the heavy lifting fir a change. Does the opposite.



■■■■ I love this guy


Reckon Smith has Stanton covered.


next level crazy defence guy.


Still bnf


The coaches should just show video of him to the group every Monday, and say that is what we want, get 22 players doing stuff like that, and we win every time.


Club record for pressure acts today. Yep, decent pick up.


Pick 11

Yeah I doubt we would have got some like Devon in the draft.


I think I’m legitimately attracted to him?


Thank Fark we finally put in a game that honours his own effort.


Just build our game around this bloke.




Friendship with Myers ended.

Smith new best friend?

You’re almost too late tho 5mith bandwagon is filling up


Maybe we could focus our recruiting going forward on dudes who can tackle and pressure like this guy.

You don’t lose many games getting 91 tackles.


I got twitter DM’s with some of Blitz finest going back 3 seasons where I was all over Smith. I got a front row seat.