#5 Devon Smith - Best and Fairest (really)


That’s true to an extent, but it’s not like they can’t work after football and people in the afl system are often afforded opportunities in life others aren’t


Of course it would be for someone earning that amount. But the point is that it’s not for someone already earning $800k a year


Haha. Thank you for that. I am over the moon, fingers crossed we can deliver Sunday morning. And there’s a World Cup around the corner! Are you heading down to Russia?


Well, for one thing it allows you to hit the magic figure of 80K [of] super, beetch.


Not entirely sure about that. Perhaps its because ive never have, and never will, earn that sort of money, but 50k is 50k. Surely even someone on hundreds of thousands per year would recognise that that’s someones annual wage right there.


Yep can’t wait. I wish I was going! Can’t wait to watch Australia and then see how England will disappoint me once again.


Hope the Boys can do it for Devon Smith this week against his old team, he has carried us all year.


You sure? There used to be an upper limit on the compulsory super contribution. Thankfully I don’t have to know those figures any more.


Dunno. Doesn’t it go in as usual but it’s not tax-exempted over $25,000?

Can’t say I’ve had to worry about it myself.


You get penalised if you contribute more than 25k per annum into super. It isn’t worth it (unless you k ow a realllllly god tax accountant)


Have to pay excess contributions tax of 32% for those over annual limit. Effectively taxed at top rate of 47% rather than 15%.


Still worth it potentially.

If you’re on $180k anyway you’d pay 47%. No different if you go over the cap but once it’s in the fund it’s taxed at 15% going forward rather than personal marginal rates allowing you to grow your earnings by compounding the tax saved.


Isn’t the limit based on additional contributions, not the compulsory employer contribution? I thought the employer contribution was taxed at 15% regardless of how much you earnt and therefore regardless of how much the employer was contributing


Sooooo, … Devon Smith eh??? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


The super guarantee has a cap so employers don’t have to contribute more than 9.5% of that cap regardless of your salary. Was about $210k this year resulting in about $20k max that employer has to contribute.


Ok. Thanks. That’s not something i’ve had to consider personally!


WIll break the record for most tackles in a game on Saturday


From memory, that upper limit started at about $180k


I think GWS let most of those players go as they felt others were required more (if that makes sense) due to their larger list size. Of those players to leave I think Treloar is probably the one they wanted to keep most. Adams, well, he’s a turnover king by foot, they’ve got better on the list than him. WHE found himself as one of about six or seven vying for medium forward/defender roles.

Of the Carlton recruits, Palmer barely rates a mention. Jury is out on Kennedy IMO. Marchbank & Plowman are solid citizens. Lamb? Meh. Can’t even remember who the others are.

If we’re being honest, Stewart was absolutely surplus to requirements given they had Cameron, Lobb & Patton and even one of those has been sitting out recently. Smith was one they probably would’ve liked to keep but had players like Taranto ready to come in, so hardly a devastating loss for them. Both have been very good for us so far though.


Me too. Actually I reckon you lot will do way better than in previous years. Less pressure and a lot of young, raw talent which makes your harder and more unpredictable.