#5 Devon Smith - Best and Fairest (really)


hope Dev sticks it up his old club this week


I’m not sure what it is but I rarely notice the guy. It’s like my brain hasn’t quite figured out what to look out for.

There’s been a couple of times at the game where I’ve noticed someone put in 3-4 manic efforts and I’ve wondered who the [email protected] was that? Then I watch the replay and it’s Smith.

Does he mostly play midfield or forward? Or does he split it 50/50? I’ve seen him line up at the center bounces but mostly I’ve noticed him roaming down kents on the half forward line.

He’s seriously impressive. When I notice him.


Reckon that’s what he’s been training for so far.

100 tackles tmrw.


13 tackles. He’s a machine.


Have a look. (points to scoreboard)

Love him.


i think we paid unders for him.


The guy is just a machine. Pressures,tackles, hits targets. Love the guy


Make him captain.

Maybe coach, too.


what devon really means

‘■■■■ them they didn’t play me over that geriatric stevie j in a prelim’


This guy is a gun. Best recruit in years. Will win the Crichton Medal IMO


Dev Smith, showed us how to win. Like Moses leading us to the promised land.


Pulled the farking wings of the GWS flies


how does he do it?

you see many players get the miles he does, or bash and crash as much as he does, but not both. he shouldn’t even be able to get up for training, what a ■■■■■■■ tough unit.


he is driven




13 tackles


Guelfi close to a lock at this point.


Easily BOG


someone get me a gif of smith running into buckley. please.


Said it before, but he has a great bond with Stringer. Reckon that’s got to help Stringer and his footy.
Smith’s impact on the team - training and game day - has been massive. We didn’t just get a player. We also brought in a leader.