#5 Devon Smith - Best and Fairest (really)


Love this bloke. We are so lucky to have him


Whatever we paid, was cheap.


Noticed him everywhere today. Just tackling and harassing everything on site. An absolutely positively competitive beast.


Smith is a hard body hard running smart footballer. Great great addition to our club.
We give it Dodoro around here but McGrath and Smith and Saad are 3 of best 10 selections over last 2 years of any recruits to any club. And if Stringer comes good …!!!


Serious question - was he reported?


■■■■ he’s good stuck it up his old team tonight


In the post game interview he said it was not the scoreboard but letting the umps know he had been hit on the jaw


Pick 11

what a bargain


We ■■■■■■■ robbed them blind in that deal, made off like absolute bandits.


Fear he’s going to get the Essendon treatment from the mrp


Wasn’t it pick 11 and 2018 third for smith and 2018 second?

Already a steal… But hopefully gws keep falling down the ladder!


Haven’t genuinely loved watching a single player as much as I love watching this bloke since Hirdy retired.


Does the number 5 proud. TD would like him.


what’d he do?


Exactly the type of player GWS lack right now and I reckon Leon is real salty about it.


Best game for the club. this guy is showing the rest of the team where they should be.


Bump in the second I think. Shoulder made contact to the head.


Must let the Giants keep their 2nd rd pick, apologise for asking for it and thank them again for handing over Devon!


We can give them that 2nd plus our first for Sheil.


Devon “follow me” Smith.