#5 Devon Smith - Best and Fairest (really)


Devin “I follow rivers” smith


Nope, insufficient force. No blood, no concussion.

Against the blues it’s be 2 weeks based on medical report.


Imagine being paid to be an expert despite having no idea whatsoever

Leading tackler in the AFL by a distance.


For those not clicking through:

“The game is based on defence… Jake Stringer lays one tackle every two weeks. Devon Smith will take a pot shot from the carpark… (they) are not going to help them defensively whatsoever… work ethic wins you footy games… defensive pressure, all-around pressure, sacrifice, all these things win you premiership.

“Essendon have an issue already with it, not being defensively strong enough, and they go and get three offensive players.”


Few players get to 10-15 years in the AFL.


if devon takes potshots from the carpark, what does robbo do? from the bin juice?


Well, Robbo knows offensive.


And pot shots…


What’s really funny is that Smith was always one of the best tacklers at gws. He’s averaged 5 tackles or more every year since 2014. Robbo is a twit, but we knew that. Thank God there is a paywall.


Can’t believe that alcoholic slob makes a living analysing footy.


“They have talent, but what we saw on the weekend is that talent doesn’t win you footy games. Work ethic wins you footy games,” he said.

You could learn a thing or two from those wise words, Robbo.


All I got from that article is that Devon looks a lot better in an Essendon guernsey.


why i love him.


Dat smirk tho


Riles up the opposition and I LOVE IT


Maybe he can teach a few of our blokes how to do the “mongrel” nicely.

Seems to be enjoying his time with us.


Sorry giants, he’s ours now.

Ya soulless, plastic, orange muppets.


Have another drink Robbo.


The football equivalent of a drive by. Love it


I only just noticed who he dropped. Fkn love it even more now.