#5 Devon Smith - Best and Fairest (really)


Funny how Coniglio was going to have a go and then saw it was smith and just tried to hold the smile in.

This guy is getting better each week. What’s amazing me is that he was always known for his exceptional offence and he has come to Essendon and been a defensive animal. And whilst still ok offensively, he hasn’t really got going on that yet.

I think the competition better watch out, as if he starts getting the confidence to take the kicks he knows he can he is going to really start opening sides up. His kicking is as good as BJs.


Have you got Shaw trying to psych out Tippa and Tippa not flinching?


Maybe this arvo. Timestamps would be handy


I went looking for it and couldn’t find


Thought it was even better than that too. Didn’t we get Collingwood’s second rounder last year (acquired in the WHE trade) which we traded to dogs in part for Stringer?


you can almost see the thought process in his head as he runs in

“oh umps going to ball it up”
slows down a bit
“oh its that hobbit ■■■■ with the ball”
runs through him


I, too, would mouth off if Ambrose was within 10m of me.


How long have we got him signed up for?


4 years I think so until the end of 2021. Happy Days!!


Was that after Frodo headbutted Guelfi?


Think it was before. Instinctively knew he was a flog.


Mate he’s always been a defensive animal. he was widely regarded as the Giants (well only) best pressure and defensive player. Makes their decision to let him go all the more ridiculous. They have literally 2 blokes that consistently have a crack at the defensive things.


Watching the replay it’s great seeing how many times Gollum gets owned. Had no idea it was a Fark Carltoner till afterwards.


Devon Smith, Essendon, has been charged with engaging in rough conduct against Zac Langdon, GWS Giants, during the second quarter of the Round 10 match between Essendon and the GWS Giants, played at Spotless Stadium on Saturday May 26, 2018.

In summary, he can accept a $2000 sanction with an early plea.

Based on the available video evidence and a medical report from the GWS Giants Football Club, the incident was assessed as careless conduct with low impact to the head. The incident was assessed as a $3000 sanction. The player can accept a $2000 sanction with an early plea.


Can someone please - someone who is a little less prone to outrage than I, explain to me how Smith chesting a player (who then dives as if poleaxed) is a greater offense than an intentional farKING HEADBUT???


That’s not the incident.
It’s where he ran over a player and got them a bit high.





From twitter


Hard to believe we were all discussing whether Stringer was worth No 11 alone and we ended up getting Smith and change!! Best trade ever !*

*Daniher/Fields excepted.


Actually I think you are correct.

Think it was pick 24 initially and then dropped back a little.

Unbelievable trade for us!

Official trade…
The Giants will receive Pick 11 and a 2018 third round selection from the Bombers, while Essendon receive Smith, Pick 24 and GWS’ 2018 second round pick.