#5 Devon Smith - Best and Fairest (really)


Would love Coniglio at Essendon onder what his contract status is?


#5 Devon Smith


Signed till the end of 2019


Interesting that he and Shiel hardly touched it in last qtr. Shiel had a stinker. I think he’s checked out already


Don’t make plans for 2020 Coniglio


Be a great get


Shiel ain’t going anywhere.


Not even a fat contract?


Both of them contracted till 2019

Dare to DREAM.


Would have to be the fattest in history. But no. He is staying put here in Sydney.


Fair enough I think Coniglio is getable next season


Based on what is going on here at the moment I think a few could go. Depends on what happens with Cameron and if a change does happen end of season. Crunch game this weekend against the crowd who were putrid, so pressure will be heaped on the side that looses that.


I can see Leon get the ■■■■ and then the AFL offering Clarkson a massive contract to coach the Giants.


Word on the street is something to that effect. Which tbh would be a great fkn move and if that did happen I don’t think any players would leave.


Based on what?


-Comes out of contract next season

  • Good mates with Smith

Needs to take one look at Smith playing at Dreamtime and he’ll jump ship.


Yeah heard the same.


That’s it?

So nothing really.
Wishful thinking run amok.


He seems a bit small sometimes but then absolutely destroys the contest. Maybe he can bulk up a bit more more but he really wasn’t used to his best at GWS if they just played him in the forward line.

Love him.


Giants will rue till the cows come home for letting him go.

Eat a bag of dicks you organge plastic waste of space of a team.