#5 Devon Smith - Best and Fairest (really)


Yeh probably my new favourite player, I think he has surpassed zac merrett as our best midfielder (if it was taken just on 2018), just seems to do everything right.


Robbo is a drunken idiot who probably knows as much about football as Malcolm Turdball.
Who the hell takes any notice of what he says.


future captain.


#5 suits him. Absolute gun.


Nothing wrong with that will be fantastic if everybody on the list plays like Devon we build our game around him and so far it’s produced 2 wins in a row.


I want to have his babies.


So I wanted to see if that headbutting Fark Carlton reject got a slap of the wrist and saw this on the AFL site:

Devon Smith, Essendon, has been charged with engaging in rough conduct against Zac Langdon, GWS Giants, during the second quarter of the Round 10 match between Essendon and the GWS Giants, played at Spotless Stadium on Saturday May 26, 2018.

In summary, he can accept a $2000 sanction with an early plea.

Based on the available video evidence and a medical report from the GWS Giants Football Club, the incident was assessed as careless conduct with low impact to the head. The incident was assessed as a $3000 sanction. The player can accept a $2000 sanction with an early plea.

Dylan Buckley, GWS Giants, has been charged with misconduct against Matt Guelfi, Essendon, during the fourth quarter of the Round 10 match between the GWS Giants and Essendon, played at Spotless Stadium on Saturday May 26, 2018.

In summary, he can accept a $1500 sanction with an early plea.

Misconduct is fixed financial sanction of $2500. The player can accept a $1500 sanction with an early plea.

Does anyone remember what he did that they considered rough conduct? Whatever it was, bet it wasn’t a weak as headbutting despite incurring a larger fine.


he dropped langdon. got the head.


should have been a week for buckley, that’s super dangerous and a disgusting act


Dangerous? How? He pulled his head back about 5 or 10cm.


We lost the 2001 grand final partly because Lloyd got suspended for headbutting in the Qualifying final and then we battled to beat Hawthorn, instead of cruising to a 10 goal easy victory.

Now you can headbutt and receive a $1500 fine.


Not dangerous - but intentional strike to the head, low impact - 1 week.
If he had slapped Guelfi in the face it would have been less physically serious, and he would have copped 3 weeks.


Could argue that he didn’t realize he was there.


I just find the AFL a little hypocritical with crap like the Buckley headbutt thing. If it gets media attention then it’s a bad look for the game and they’ll try to stamp it out, if it doesn’t they don’t care. For my money crap like the headbutt, jumper punches, eye gouging etc. are a worse look for the game than someone copping an accidental injury while contesting the ball.

A lot of these incidents get marked as careless or reckless or whatever to reduce the grade of the offence when they’re clearly intentional. If you got a mandatory 2+ week suspension for that kind of crap it’d never happen again.


True, but suspending Buckley the younger, would only make the Giants stronger.


Just wait for it. Within a couple of rounds someone will do something really minor and accidental and the AFL will make an example of it and site the Frodo incident as part of their new direction. You know it to be true.



Pro tip, if it happens off the ball, or in a dead ball situation, it’s intentional.


can’t wait to see him tackle martin tonight, will bury him into the turf


I agree which is why I think those aforementioned incidents should be treated much differently as the Conor McKenna incident was.


Apparently after the game in an interview with Ling, Devon called out a couple of his teammates and said they weren’t carrying out their role in the team.

Did anyone hear these comments and can elaborate or was it a nothing comment?