#5 Devon Smith - Best and Fairest (really)


like most i checked out before the siren.


Yes, he did say that. He was furious with them - cold anger. He didn’t name names, though, and wasn’t asked to, of course.


Yeah fair enough.

Little Devon doesn’t take a backward step. I don’t mind that.

Will most likely ruffle a few feathers but it needs to happen.


In all seriousness though, sounds like Goddard’s role is covered here.


Devon points to his tackle and defensive pressure stats


Not that I want to listen to ling, but do 7 put those interviews up anywhere? Always seem better and as I watch it on Telstra they cut the feed immediately.


When you are playing as well as Devon is, you have every right to criticise others.

If any players get upset by what he said they should be shown the door


Yeah I’m real keen to see this now.


At halftime in the rooms Devon was talking to the forwards group. Thought at the time that was interesting


Yeah, I’m not sure. I would like to see it myself.

I like that Devon speaks out!


No issue with that at all. Wished more players cared as much as he did. Out of interest, who do we think he was talking about?


Could be any number of players from Saturday night.

It would be hard to define who it is without knowing exactly what each players roles and responsibilities are.

I think the players are a far bigger issue than the coaches. Too often in the past we have given up in games and not much has changed this year.

Dev goes 100% all the time so he can call out as many players as he likes. From memory players at Geelong strongly challenged others before they started dominating a decade ago.


Yep I agree it’s a player problem more than a coaching problem. The more the players call each other out at the moment, the better imo.
If some blokes who don’t have the ticker decide to leave at year’s end, then good


Yep, if they sook after being challenged then not required.

We need to build a strong mental edge as that’s as important as any aspect in the game.


As long as he doesn’t tweet it he should avoid being issued a please explain

■■■■ i love this guy.


seriously its about time that we had someone who will objectively point out errors and flaws in team mates games and tell them that they need to improve.

wasnt joking when i said captain material.


Is it the interview out on the ground? Or a different one.


I would think you were joking if you didn’t think he was captain material.


I hope Xavier put him in his place

“Mate did you see what happened when I sent that tweet, shut up already!”


Players vote in the leadership so I will be very interested come election time.

He’s ruffling a few feathers now so lets see if they are listening.