#5 Devon Smith - Best and Fairest (really)


Yep, still can’t believe X backed down over that.

He’s a supporter as well as CEO and was just saying what we all were.


He will be the least unexpected addition to the leadership group ever next year


I recorded the game I’ll see if the interview is there


in theory yes.

I just wonder if the players could handle having a strong opinion in the meetings.

They had Goddard in there for the majority I guess.


Was interviewed after the game didn’t look too happy Devon

edit - didn’t record Devs post match interview bugger.


“See ?” he says, I’ve got cojones !"


The club has wrapped players up because they were either victims of the saga or young. Time to toughen up now. We need players like Smith who puts his money where his mouth is every week. if players are too soft to handle being called out then they need to be dropped. Guelfi might not have the best disposal but you can’t faul his commitment. There’s more like him in the twos. Bring them in.


When the boys have thier meeting during the week the coaches should make them watch a 5 minute clip of Devon Smith on loop.


Good on him for pointing out the frauds we have on the list.

Football clubs should be for footballers, we obviously have let our standards slip, players should be on notice they may have to find other employment, and a resume of “I was in the laziest stupidest football team ever” does not look great.

Thank you Devon for reminding us of what a football team should have as an acceptable standard from their players. Sorry you were sold a lemon ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Yep, the supporters have stuck with the club through something that could have been terminal for the club so it’s time we got some reward.


I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere but didn’t they show Smith with his calf iced up at the end of the game? Hopefully just a corky/precaution but has anyone heard anything? Would be a massive loss.


They interviewed Dev post game on Fox Footy. He said it will be a wait and see but was hopeful the 10 day break will be enough.


4 weeks.


Guessing or from good sauce?


Don’t worry i’m sure it’s just a knock :wink:




You know you are now going to be called a bratwurst for that.


That’d be a bit Strazfull, …


Absolutely. Just ask Devon.


But for a few unforeseen snags, I hope we’ve seen the wurst of these jokes.

Trying to work up puns on chorizo, cevapcici and Cumberland…and failing.