#5 Devon Smith - Best and Fairest (really)


He’s going to miss a couple of isn’t he? Fck me.


With a 4 hour plane trip thrown into the mix, if he is not right then you’d have to be extra cautious.


Perth Stadium has been disastrous for lower leg injuries. Would guess he is highly unlikely to make the trip.


He’s a midget, he could fly Tiger and still have plenty of legroom.


I’ll join him so he can have some of mine.


No news is bad news here I think.

If he was going to be right to play the club would have said something by now. Performance team and club media are still working this week.

Are your panic dollars sitting comfortably @wimmera1 ?


Worse than that. The club have not confirmed ANY of the players will play next week.



What…the overhead locker?


HIGH TIME the selectors got serious!


“This club is farked”


He’ll be right

and we’ll all be like

Devon Smith is the bestest

because he’s Devon Smith

watch you’ll see.


One little thing I loved from the weekend game was when he was going for a contested ball in the final quarter and got bumped off it and lost his feet - yet got back up so damn fast he was still able to keep contesting that ball and forced a deadball situation. How often have we seen an essendon player just lose his feet contesting for a lose ball and the opposition race away under no pressure…



I have seen some reaching before but this is right up with the best of them.


if we carry on…


Good to go this week according to Crow


Told yas



He is the main reason why the team has increased its pressure rating. He not only leads the league in pressure acts, he is the model, he leads and the others follow.


Not sure what else Devon Smith has to do to get Donnington to stalk him.


Hair cut out of Top Gun?


It was inevitable that one day someone would find a dance parter for our esteemed Heather. Looks like l have found just such a suitable hoofer.