#5 Devon Smith - Best and Fairest to Out for 2019


Well done. It’s been 4.5 years for me. Used to go through at least a pack a day, and had been a smoker since the age of 13.


Its so hard, same both parents smoked Marlboro Red for Mum and Camel unfiltered for dad, so I started from day dot really, passively but took it up around the same age as you.

I actually hated it growing up in the 80’s but all the cool kids did it so yep I did, but in the 90’s I preferred pot and would hardly smoke cigarettes, but weed and tobacco sought of go together.

Yeah so last year gave up weed and now the hard road of nicotine, having a drink is the hardest part, as thats when I find myself a bit looser, but not ready to cut booze out ( maybe never lol).

Edit Is there a give up smoking thread lol


So if the team is crap this year we can blame Wim. Excellent.


@wimmera1 looks like you will be the scapegoat for a poor season this year :grinning:


And this is different how, exactly?


Well, normally its you blaming Worsfold. :wink:


Scapegoating clearly gets Wim hof.


This guy doesn’t care anymore and I don’t blame him.



he was chasing people down like a ■■■■■■■ fanatic. if the team had a fifth of his endeavour we’d not be in this position.


Smith, Stringer and Ambrose need to be the leaders. They need to be what the playing group strives to emulate. Not Heppell, Michael “oh I’m so upset with what’s going on so I’ll punch the ground a few times” Hurley and Zaka.

Good fkn lord we’re the softest team around.


I don’t even like ambrose as a player but i’d have him in the leadership group.

and wtf is leadership group?

absolute wankword right there.


Me neither. His actual football skills are bad. But he goes out and he wants to fkn hurt ■■■■■. It’s why I like Dea. Low skill level, fkn goes all out.


shuld be our captain


I saw him legit sprint past 2-3 of our farking players on numerous occasions to apply pressure.

Must be farking draining looking around you and yet captain potato Heppell and the gang couldn’t give flying fark about pulling their finger out.

Is an animal and should be captain. At least he has a bit of farking pride in his performance.


As others have said i hope the essington culture doesn’t destroy him


Best on for mine


He was very good considering he had 20mins on the bench.


15 disposals 9 tackles with 20 minutes lost.



Heart and soul of the team


Anyone else love his trade mark running man celebration?