#5 Devon Smith - Best and Fairest to Out for 2019


It’s the 84 GF Leon Baker


don’t ever lose the intensity Dev, we need it


Almost, not quite as smooth as the Baker.



So good. Let’s hope Devon’s winning back to backs soon enough


oh man, i miss that guy and that [email protected]


He is just a workhorse.

The barometer and heart and soul of our team.

We’d be lost without this guy.


Fantastic second half.


The guy is a legit machine. Great to see him add a couple of goals too


How do you rack up 9 tackles with 20 minutes on the bench?

In those 20 minutes Melbourne kicked half their score

You forget that he was a small forward at GWS and can give you tippa-esque goals like that run along the boundary, woweeeeeee

Owned the third quarter with Stringer for 5 amazing minutes


His after game interview was the best. Said he won’t be soft and stay down on the ground next time as that’s what prompted the concussion test.

Love Dev.


That crumb on the flank - makes me all giddy inside just thinking about it.


Can I please request a copy of the


Most appreciated


What a steal trade he was!


Bleeds red and black.

Annoying to the opposition.

Tackles like a ■■■■.

Love him


It’s why we gave up pick 11 for him.


Guts & courage personified. Was injured & most likely in pain. Came back on & smashed into Dees players with serious intent. His tackling created so many opps. Hard as nails bloke. Best on ground. Just a fantastic footballer. Onya, Dev.


Worth more


I hear that he’s got persistent lower back issues arising from the massive cajones he has to lug around


Seems determined to become the best tackler ever.

And is certainly tracking that way. He’s a genuine master of the art. It’s not just his total numbers, or the ferocity he goes at it, it’s the technical proficiency of every tackle he lays.