#5 Devon Smith - Best and Fairest to Out for 2019


Fark he is good. Adds so much pressure to the middle, yet is so classy and dangerous up fwd as well.


Brings so much energy & aggression to the team. Love him.



I love the passion that some of the introduced players have brought to our side.

That Stringer celebration after he kicked that goal from outside 50 gave me tingles.

These are men that have complete confidence in their games.



and with the Johnnie Walker ad in the background - Smith walking the walk (knees high of course)


love him


I love how he just stares down any and everyone if they make a poor mistake in regard to disposal or effort.


He needs to lift his legs that high to get his feet over the blades of grass


He went off, they got on top.
He comes back on, we go back to playing great.



Love him, but somebody needs to take him aside and let him know he can’t kick 40m set shots.



haha true. I remember he was asking for a handball off from 55m when Tippa was having a set shot. Of course Tippa dobbed it but no way can Dev kick 50-55m


“Our Blitz pressure is back”.

Love him, wanna boof him, get him up here.


I love him too. Imagine if all our players tackled like him. My goodness.

He’s like a possessed lumberjack looking to fell an entire forest every time he goes out to play.



Smith & Zerrett are my two fav players because of their ferocious ‘lumberjack tree felling’ tackles.


What’s the latest with Smith’s injury concern for this week?


He’s cooked


He didn’t train with the main group today.