#5 Devon Smith - Best and Fairest to Out for 2019


Yeah, just love Smith’s skill, aggression and attack on the opposition. He talks about knee pain after games and it taking a couple of days to settle. It wouldn’t surprise if his record breaking year took a toll on those knees considering his delayed preseason and now talk of a rest after consecutive short breaks between games. Sounds like Essendon are hyper vigilant with managing Dev’s knees, which is definitely a good thing.




Agree. He puts himself through serious punishment. Last year was the first time he’s ever played a full season. I’d be surprised if he’d even fully recovered from that before this season started.


Saw this news bit on scientists 3D printing new Hearts with an Animals own DNA / stem cells, fully formed and functional and ready for implant.

I wondered if, some time soon, they may be able to 3D print replacement Knee cartilages, and Spinal discs for full replacement and repair.

You’d think it would be easier than a Heart etc, … and I know they have done Ears, … thought it should already be a thing happening.


I wish.


That is some seriously freaky (in a good way) sh_t being able to 3D print a heart! In a broader context they can’t be far off replacing failed organs in people? I know there’s mind numbing ethical debates raging about the issue but why not?!


My knees have been bone on bone for a long time, now.


Same, I keeping wishing they could print me some cartilage.



Smith is a big out if it happens the bloke sets the tone in pressure and tackling for the team.


Zerrett seems to be following Dev’s lead, if Parish and McGrath could also add follow suit and add the high pressure and tackling to their games our midfield would be quite formidable.


All that running past his teammates finally caught up to Devon.


Not good but with the short turnaround for Anzac Day make sure he is right to go. Who do they replace him with? Is it too early for Fridge? Or do they go with someone like Langford?



The intent and aggressive nature from smith to langford is frightening




It’s why I’m not really a fan of Langford the bloke is too slow and not aggressive.


I would bring in Begley.

Now that’s a bloke who is not afraid to throw his body around and be aggressive


Rumour is tht Guelfi is being brought in for Smith.


Not a bad replacement at least Guelfi will attack the footy with aggression.