#5 Devon Smith - Best and Fairest to Out for 2019


How’s his fitness going, Nino? Is he up to it yet?


I don’t know you will have to ask some one else I’m just going by what he showed last year.


I’d like to see Begley in but Langford would get twice as much of it, and it’ll be Guelfi anyway you’d think.


Oh, sorry. I thought you said you would bring him in.


According to Steve C7 - Dev is out for Good Friday


Ere, ere, any chance of getting some new ears for the selection committee.


hes cooked


He’s cooked
He’s cooked
In garlic n red wing jus



Collingwood would probably have won the flag last year if Dev was playing.

He will just have to settle for winning one this year with us!


Barely saw Dev all game.
Was he right to play?


I think injured in 3rd


Doctor and physio talking with him at interchange gate just before half time, his knee had ice bandage at end of game


Did he play the last qtr at all?


Don’t think so, was on the bench I believe.


Didn’t look fit enough from the start. Lacked his usual zip.


To be honest, been 2nd rate this year. Has played maybe 4 good quarters of footy out of 20.


Hes obvoiusly carrying an injury


Hasn’t done anything this year. Hope the concerns regarding his knee when we traded for him don’t mean that he peaked last year.


Any idea what’s wrong with him?