#5 Devon Smith - Best and Fairest to Out for 2019


They said he had a knee injury (nothing major). I hope that’s the case because he was ordinary. Had just one tackle


The warning signs were there from the beginning, started out of the goal square at the first bounce. Please one day will we stop picking players who are clearly not fit to be playing in big games, it is completely pointless and has cost us so many times over.




A big sorry.


He’s cooked


He had a very restricted pre-season too. I hope we put him on ice until he’s 100 percent fit.


Cooked and then put him on ice?
People here are watching too many fancy food programs.

Touch wood it’s nothing major.


Should not have played. Did nothing. Ham may not have done anything either but at least he’d have been fit.


A career of above average tackle counts against mostly bigger, heavier players… not a recipe for longevity. Real shame he probably won’t be a 250 game player as he is a leader in the Selwood mould


Posted this in another thread. Sorry for doubling up:




No chance Smith was going to miss the opportunity to play along side Shiel on his first Anzac Day clash against Treloar and Adams.

If he was clearly hindered then sure but if he was borderline then it’s worth the chance.

A lesser player you wouldn’t risk but Smith was made for those types of games.

Just didn’t come off this time.

Years Club Games (Goals)
2007– Geelong 272 (152)


Was suggesting Smith won’t get to 250


I sit right near the benches and when he was off the ground talking to the docs it looked like he thought he was fine to go back on but they overruled him.

We really missed him in the last qtr

Really glad he is ok, such an important player





All I got from that article was that Bryce Gibbs was at the President’s Lunch on ANZAC Day.


We probably do it all the time and only notice it when it doesn’t work out.


Your gifs are getting smaller and smaller everyday, man.