#5 Devon Smith - Best and Fairest to Out for 2019

Thought it was my mobile - guess it’s showing up like that for everybody.

I’m not sure why that is. Weird.

Smevon Dith

Good to see Devon tip Geelong in the paper

Ouck Fff with this ■■■■!

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Good on him. So did I.

He’s recanted that on instagram. Said he picked Essendon but was stitched up.

Translation. I still want my tip to be officially Geelong to stay in touch with the pack but want to pretend it was a mistake.

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Sounds like it was an Essendon player that submitted the tips in his name. Or at least that’s what he’s claiming.


Played like he selected Geelong.

His forward 50 entries have been so bad this year. So often picks the wrong option

One of the reasons we aren’t going so well is because Devon - almost certainly due to injury - is miles off his 2018 form. If it’s something that a few weeks off can fix, then do it. If it’s just ongoing management then hopefully he comes good because his impact hasn’t been high so far.


Smith and Fanta are extremely important players for us. When Smith, Fanta, and tippa are playing together it makes a huge difference.


Feel like he’s cooked for the year. Can’t see him regaining last year’s form with his current fitness. Fingers crossed for 2020.

Turns 26 in a couple of weeks. He’s in his peaking period, so we need him to be/stay healthy.

I think the plan is to manage him through this season then he get’s an off season knee clean-out. Limited pre-season but his knee’s will be cherry-ripe next year.

Why is this guy getting a game?

Light years off 2018

Has been huge tonight!

Are we watching the same game?