#5 Devon Smith - Best and Fairest to Out for 2019

He’s done. Serviceable but a shadow of last year. Probably through not fault of his own but still.

If he misses one game will then miss another 8. Must be getting plenty of injections to get up every week.

Absolutely having zero influence currently, be ok if he was at least hitting the scoreboard.

If he has an Isuzu’s that needs rest, do it, because this year is cooked and we need him back to his best.

He stuck 10 tackles. Wish he’d clean up his disposal though.


u still mad he got the #5 instead of kelly?

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He needs to be rested.

He is seriously damaging his reputation with these performances.

He looks to be going at about 30%.

Can we at least send him in for surgery now on his knee so that we might have a shot at having him right for next season?


He has been injured.

Love the guy. Gives his all and if all the players had the same attitude as him we would be in a much better position.

Would give him the captaincy right now

Did I not say that in the post you quoted?

Sorry but not with what he has shown this year
Not himself at all. His knee is definatly holding him back massively. I’d give it to Zach.

Well I guess he’s been injured twice now.

Give it to Stringer

Plenty of guys are having a dip IMO.
Issue (in the vast majority of cases) is making the right decision under pressure.

If he isn’t going to be rested, then he should be played predominantly forward

He’s a shadow of the player he was last year

Rest him. Clean his knee up now. Its embarrassing how down he is on last season, save him some face and stop playing him. He is clearly injured

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We need to wait until his injury progresses to “Early Onset” before we wrap him up and send him off for surgery.

I hope the club do NOT treat and manage Smith they way they did with Daniher.

This is highly likely. Rest him please.

More likely that they’re waiting until St Essington’s Day. Unfortunately, doing that will cook his preseason for next year.

I would like us to get his injury right (or at least as right as it can get) rather than try and keep him going for the rest of the year. At the moment he’s not contributing enough to make it worthwhile keeping him out there.

Hone Clirdy

I reckon Dev’s knee is cooked. Doesn’t sound good based on the BTV injury update

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