#5 Devon Smith - Best and Fairest to Out for 2019

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Im predicting a article telling us he requires surgery prettuy soon


Winderlich mk III

Please, stop playing him and get his knee sorted once and for all.

Every fkn game he’s reporting knee soreness, under an injury cloud, and not performing.



I can’t see what could go wrong?

No problem there

He can run it off, relax.

Did the injury update say he basically doesn’t have a PCL, or only a partial one? News to me.


He’s not right.

Have we not learned anything from JOEDAN’s injury?

Stop playing injured players, they don’t magically get better. They need decent treatment.


It’s weird that this article and the EFC Crow injury report don’t state which knee it is. i.e. right or left. It’s either the knee or his knee.

New knee soreness sends B&F Bomber to specialist

ESSENDON has suffered a fresh injury blow with doubt surrounding the availability of reigning best and fairest winner Devon Smith ahead of its round nine clash with Fremantle.

The hard-tackling forward is off to see a specialist this week after reporting new soreness in the knee that he has had to carefully manage over the past two years.

“During the Sydney game, Devon had three sharp episodes in his knee in a different spot to what he’d had over the last couple of years with his knee having a PCL deficiency, which means the PCL isn’t present,” club performance manager Justin Crow said on Tuesday.

“He’s got a new lesion within the knee, so he will be off for a specialist opinion this week and we’ll be able to update further once we’ve got more direction from the specialist.”

Smith is set to join a lengthy injury list that includes Orazio Fantasia (quad), Shaun McKernan (hamstring), Mitch Brown (wrist), Martin Gleeson (cheek) and James Stewart (groin).

Knee sore, sore knee


Stick a fork in him.

Forget 2019. Get him right for next year


When you are having to provide defensive pressure for the whole midfield for a full season your knee’s are bound to struggle.


its a pity

I assume they mean a different specialist?

Poor Smith is cooked.
It sounds bad.
I wonder if he should be placed into LTI till seasons end. He hasn’t had an impact
this year & he knows it.

Let’s see who else we can play in his role?

We are stuffed without this guys pressure, gonna lose to Blues.
Bottom of the ladder stuff now.
Sheesh, no getting excited about this year

The headline clearly states that it is his ‘new knee’. :roll_eyes:

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ha - just our luck. Devon grew a new knee, but it’s defective.


WTF is a lesion in the knee?.
And how does not having a PCL affect him? Do players play without a PCL, or is this a first?

And if he doesn’t have a PCL does that mean he can’t injure it? And if that’s the case can all players have their PCL and ACL removed? So many questions.

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