#5 Devon Smith - Best and Fairest to Out for 2019


And to compound the injury problem, every time we are ready to promote a young player from the VFL, they get injured too. So far, we have had that with Laverde (to replace McKernan,then Brown), Draper (to spell TBC or use ahead of Clarke), and now Mynott, who would be the logical replacement for Smith.


I must have missed that, what happened to Mynott?


Young midfielder Trent Mynott failed to play in the VFL against Casey on Saturday and he is once again not expected to take the field this week.

“Trent had some calf tightness early last week. When we eventually got a look at that, because it wasn’t improving, (we discovered) he’s got a minor calf strain on the outside of the muscle and he’ll miss another one to two weeks,” Crow said

We are racking up calf issues. I wonder if there’s a general training/surface issue going on? Or it just is what it is.


Thanks, definitely missed it, I was away.




yesterday’s Crow injury report


If only it didn’t hurt, I’d laugh

It was Angry Bomber Sean, then it became disappointed Bomber Sean, then it became Depressed Bomber Sean

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Smith was a massive reason I had faith in this year. Without him I just can’t see us doing a whole lot. It’s not just him, but so many of us our down. Perhaps not out.
I hope not anyway.

I really think we are in a world of trouble at the moment, dire times. Predicting a finish that may be as low as 15th.

Without our first round picks what’s the value in finishing that low. Membership numbers will take a hit, marketing takes a hit, we need a new coach which will cost more ■■■■■■ money. But hey at least we will have a more favourable draw. Perhaps that is the silver lining for 2020, that an the fact that we can start playing the kids now. If they ever make it out of the injury list.


backwards is the word…………………………………not grease.


Im hearing he is out for the year




Someone that knows him told my mate… i know its third hand…but I thought I would let everyone know…as i was wondering if anyone else heard this


Wouldn’t surprise me. If they can get through the next 8 weeks without him (as planned) then they may as well go the whole way and get him ready for 2020 pre-season. He’s too good a player to risk his long term future.

Really disappointing though.


His knee must be sooooo bad


I think he’s got 2 ■■■■■■ knees. And by the sound of it our med staff went over seas to find the answers. Sounds really serious.


No just the surgeon Julian Feller was OS, were waiting for him to come back to give prognosis according to X

Perhaps that has come to year off

In any case if that’s the best to do then do it. If we make finals and he’s ready to roll so be it.


And if they can’t get through the next 8 weeks without him then whats the point in bringing him back anyway because the year is shot.


Yeah. Same same isn’t it.


Yep Hurley said the same thing last night.


How many players do we have on long term compo, injured now???