#5 Devon Smith - Best and Fairest


Yes but he wasn’t talking about draft orders now was he?


All the talk about this has distracted from the main fact. Which is - this guy is a real carnt and can really, really play. Tick, tick.

I’m rapt. Great get Essendon


how dare you insult an essendon trade like that!


No he was talking, inaccurately, about where we finished.




Devon; a Don Smallgood?


It is really a “rip snorter” (i.e. awesome) trade for us to pick up Smith at the price we have. Smith plus 23 (24) plus moving next years third round into the second round for the price of pick 11. Overall, that’s around 200-250 fairy dust draft points. Where do I sign?


Runs both ways, a trait far more important than clearances in the modern game.

Absolute steal


Welcome to the Bombers Devon. Number 4 or 5 is available - which would you like?


Wrapped. Frustratingly he’s been on my League team past 2 years so have watched him close.

He really hit his straps after coming back from his injury last season, and took that form into this year until he again got injured.

Always presenting and often ignored but when in the midfield, does go hard both ways and loves to tackle. The other frustration though is his over zealousness with his tackles resulting into a fair few free kicks against (it may be a reputation hes built with the umps tho)


Welcome to Essendon. Enjoy the spongy floors.


Con fkg cur


Welcome to EFC


Karma, I can’t tell if you’re taking the ■■■■ or not?
Me thinks you might have this Smith mixed up with someone else??
Like others, I have huge respect for you because of all the brilliant work you provide for Blitz.
I’ll tell you point blank though, if he gets his body right then you’ll be gorging on humble pie.


Early days always thought he was better than greene, (when i watched them with morbid fascination as to how a manufactured club could go). injuries have put a question mark on him, but i think our record with injuries is stellar the last 3 years.


Doggies done over by Dodoro,
Bevo devo over Devon.


Just checking in to make sure everyone is is OK :wink: So, that’s 1 down 2 to go


Give him number 4


Farking pumped!


For us to target 3 players, shows worsfold being pro active imo. He recognised our deficiencies and I think dodoro would have been happy to keep going to the draft and develop. I presume this is the case, I’d love to know where this mindset change came from because it’s generally not what we do

If we can add 3 best 18 players, that’s a absolute huge off season