#5 Devon Smith - Best and Fairest


Agree WOB.

Also of those 3 best 18 you could put a very good argument that 2 would be top 10 players. If Smith isn’t Top 10 he is very close!


Get Excited Bombers fan





I think it’s partly the result of us having a core group of elite players in the ~23 age bracket that we can proactively build around.
I think the other factor is a general devaluing of experienced players (and hence draft picks) as a result of free agency. It’s the Moneyball world.


Get a farkin job, you lout.


To be fair nobody would say Richmond finished third.

I take into account the end of year result because I know that the home & away result means little if you finished in the 8.


Hopefully the panic merchants can relax a little now :stuck_out_tongue:


Experience says they’ll just move onto something else in due course. It’s the nature of things.


The AFL media haven’t quite caught up on the fact that we have drafted Devon Smith as a midfielder.


Welcome to Bomberland Devon! Awesome deal! Pick 11 for Smith and Pick 24 plus an upgrade from third round to second round 2018.

If anyone thought of that everyone would have said… no one would accept it! Thanks GWS!


Those wondering about the definition of ‘Essendon people’

There it is.


Surely, we have to get Don’s Smallgood back as sponsors now?

Now that we both have Devon!


Lol. Ok. I was expecting someone would whinge about It I guess.


After listening and watching Wooshas interview on Devon I believe he was the number one target all along with Saad being 2 and the package being a bonus after being kicked out of the kennel


TBH hard to disagree


Bingo! My thoughts exactly. Someone on here (purportedly in the know) early last year indicated that we were pursuing a DS from GWS. Was it Devon Smith or was it Dylan Shiel? We’ll never know.

In any case, of our 3 targets Devon Smith seems to be closest to what we need (explosiveness, midfielders), followed by Saad (equally attacking and defensive backman who can release McG into the midfield). Stringer only recently became available, so it was then a case of trying to shoehorn that one in as well.


Finally I get my surname on the back of my jumper…so many smiths so little talent lol


You have been waiting a long time, apparently it is the first Smith we have had in 40 years.

Go Bombers


Now lets see what number he gets…


Devon 5mith