#5 Devon Smith - Best and Fairest




In the footage of Devon shown in Worsfolds interview. It has smith out marking Saad and also sprinting away Saad.

Smith makes Saad look slow


He might end up with his old number before trade week is over


On the Tweeter machines:

Top 5:
1: Devon Smith +1
2: Malcolm Roberts -1
3: Chris Heighington
4: International Rules
5: #TSAdelaide +6

— Trends5Australia (@Trends5AU) October 12, 2017

Fritz out-trending senate nutjob.


Devon Smith coming up shortly.

EDIT: I can’t wait until Damien Barrett asks “did you give Carlton any thought or think you were going there last minute?” and Devon responds empathetically “no [pissant club with pissant players]”


Best part of this trade was sticking it up the dogs!


Don’t get used to hanging out in there Devon!!


Devon: Where’s the bong?


nah. best part was getting legit midfield class into the mix and still having options to get the other two.


If Jackets can get the other two he’ll be crowned ‘King Dodoro’


I think he means lots of goals


SEN Interview with Devon:

Really liked our mids’
They’re fast!
Exciting group
Can’t wait to be a part
Getting home a factor.
Didn’t speak to leadership group
Texted Stewart
Acknowledged BIG footy club.
Knee is good
Wants More Midfield
Sounds Focused!!!


He didn’t want to sound like a Figjam.


Hooray! Having spent the greater part of each day checking Blitz for trade news it is fantastic to get Devon on board. 2 to go!



i work arvo/early nite shifts

does it count as work when you spend most of your time on blitz though


SSSea level rising. Welcome to Essendon Devon Smith. Jackets has just pantsed Gordon and the Dogs, or did they do that themselves? Never mind. The first of the dominoes has fallen and the other two will now also. Leave the Stringer deal to last and watch the Dogs sulk meekly back into their kennel where they belong. That is unless they get spooked and realize that if they don’t strike a fair trade now, they may be left with scraps after the Saad deal is done, which will be soon. Dodoro has struck such a good deal on the Smith trade there should still be plenty of bones to offer the Dogs.

In Jackets we trust. Essendon is going to come out of this trade period in brilliant shape. We look like being streets ahead of anyone else.

Smith’s arrival spells trouble for Green, even with Smith playing mostly in the midfield. What a delicious proposition, Smith rotating through the middle with Raz, and Tippa. Our forward line getting more and more dangerous all the time, with Begley to improve and Stringer as the cherry. Good times.


Yes, providing you get paid, for said work.


I hope so, Vl, but I’m not confident of getting a feed. :wink:


Finally… the club can get back to vanilla names.


Awesome! Very happy with this. Righto…who’s next?