#5 Devon Smith - Best and Fairest


Its cringeworthy. Who is in charge of the media department?!




Is @RyanMcKee still around?

If so, we should certainly blame him because I understand he is a foreigner person.


Langford, probably feeling a little threatened, did not look very warm towards Devon when they met.


Most arrogant highlights of all time. Does not pass. LIKE. He and Green in the same forward line will probably start tackling each other for the footy.


Yes, and Kyle Langford is known for looking warm.


Unfortunately not. Ryan returned to Canada last year around mid season.


Re thread title, you know the last Devonian period lasted over 50 million years, and is known as the age of the (big) fishes?


Wasn’t Ryan Mckee responsible for the flash mob fiasco?


I like how 3 or 4 of the goals from those highlights were from forward 50 stoppages. Good signs for his ability to play on ball.




Won’t know himself with a big crowd making noise to all of his big plays.


I think Colyer is the one who will be worried about his spot. With Smith coming in and McGrath moving to a wing he may not have a spot.

As others have said Fanta and Smith rotating through midfield and forwardline is tantalizing.


R: TBell. Zerrett. Smith

C: Zaka. Heppell. McGrath

Int: Parish. Goddard. Langford. Colyer

Eh, I dunno. EssenDevon!


Glad we got Devon
We are now officially a team of fast manlets

Zerret, tipa, devon, colyer, parish, mcgrath


I would’ve been happy with just pick 23 back with Devon but to get TWO 2nd round picks back is OUTSTANDING!

Dodoro has killed this one with two players to go!


For me, gonna go with ‘good things come in small packages’

Can’t wait to see our ‘manlets’ in action. Should be really, really good. :slight_smile:

Welcome to Essendon Devon.


Is he the first Devon to play for Essendon?


Fritz smith for our south oz supporters?


First one in 40 years.