#5 Devon Smith - Best and Fairest


The Devon and granny smiths are going on the shopping list.



Genuinely excited, 24yo 100 games Uses the ball well and kicks goals, could be an absolute gun play at least another 150 for essendon.


Is this the Smith highlights vid? Love the sidestep, but he’s going to have more trouble picking up the ball than Colyer!


I stumbled across a slightly different highlights package of Devon on redtube.


Same end result though I assume?


Was for me


Kicked a goal at the end.


Think it’ll get done for a future second rounder. Maybe as soon as tomorrow.


He probably just realised more than 4 people might watch it.


Great trade for us but you can’t help but wonder when this never ending waterfall of high picks stops going to GWS.

They simply just turn over players at the end of each year turning them into gold picks. It’s just a perpetual circle.


I reckon it’s starting to drop away for them. This year, at the moment they only have our round 1 pick and no others.
It seems they’re probably unlikely to end up with another one. So they will have lost 3 quality players at least and only have 1 first round pick to replace them with.
Plus their whole list isn’t full of guns now. They’ve got spuds like that Freo fella who’s name escapes me and he played a heap of games this year.

I reckon 3 or 4 of the guys added to their list this year will be picks outside the top 30 or fringe best 22 trades in. So basically they’re starting to have similar list additions to most other clubs. This should continue from now on I reckon so if they keep losing best 22 players from now on it will hurt them more than it will keep helping them


They would have had two first round picks (which is more than anyone) if it wasn’t for the 1000 point deduction for Lachie Whitfield.

That’s not bad for a team that finished 3rd and has had the pick of the kids since its inception.


thanks bud


Yes but they don’t.

Don’t get me wrong, I think they’re still in a great spot and should be a contender for years. But I just think their position isn’t as strong as 12 months ago and theoretically it shouldn’t get stronger from here…unless they manage themselves brilliantly.


It is what it is, the most important thing is that we maintain a healthy trade relationship with these guys.


With the Devon trade, GWS have started to use points from 2018. Like a deficit. The good times look like they have petered out.


I think they’ll be around the mark yes.

But this is now 2 years they were highly rated and have fallen away come september.
as you guys have mentioned they keep levering top end talent.
the older guys they keep bringing in are becoming past their prime, and not able to carry them to the next level.

mumford is gone (i believe) which is a driving factor.
They are getting found out for lacking defensive pressure, seeing most of their kids have never had to implement that side of the game, due to out and out talent.

they are on the edge imo, and could just as easily tip over the wrong way
the only thing that is keeping some of the legit high end talent their atm is the allure of a premiership, once that fades, probably within 2 years if they don’t win it, the high end talent will walk.
money can set you up no doubt, but i’m guessing they want to be remembered, and 5 thousand odd crowds in the backwaters of sydney isn’t going to get you that.


Can’t beat the classics.


Are Smith or Stringer clearance machines? They’re good gets, can’t go backwards with them in the team, but I don’t think we’re addressing our most glaring deficiencies.

It does show proactivity, which wasn’t shown on the coaches box.


Happy that the Dogs won’t get pick 11 and we didn’t play into their hands. They didn’t accept a more than reasonable offer, and now they miss out. They say we’re hard to deal with…