#5 Devon Smith - Best and Fairest




Devon Smith already looks like he ate 2 gleesons for lunch.


Gees, can kick a goal.

Bullish about next year.


That was a good one. Massive and Gleeson in the same sentence is gold!


Knights likes this.


Ahh. A welcome refuge.


Happier times


We already cost him a 10,000 page thread by getting him done early.

Still pumped at getting him


And this was after constant criticism of being too light.


Sensible haircut - looks as if he gets it done with a set square, a protractor and a theodolite.

Not in the Bruce Andrew class, but getting there.


I felt I really didn’t ‘know’ Devon Smith the player and thought I had better go back and watch some vision of him from some GWS games (not just the highlights on EFC site!).

My goodness this bloke is a fierce competitor- not something I fully appreciated from him given his classy finishing and flash and jazz around the forward 50. I think he is going to prosper as a balanced midfielder given minutes and a good run with fitness - his defensive running is extremely good already. He has vision, poise and a hard edge - a little bit of arrogance too that so many great players have - and great teams need. A big stage player and he has arrived at the club at exactly the right time I reckon.

It also stuck me how much of his brilliant finishes around goal were greeted by a golf-clap strength crowd reaction - so I look forward to him experiencing the rush of dobbing one on ANZAC day with the full force of a rabid Bomber crowd saluting.

All in all looks an incredibly good acquisition by the club and I can’t wait to see him in the red sash cutting through the centre in tandem with our fleet of young midfielders.

And he’s freakin’ 24! What an absolute steal. Bring on 2018.


I vote ‘YES’


Agreed, my most excited signing off the preseason. stringer was tempered by him maybe imploding.


I love it when we don’t know who the best “S” acquisition is.


The only reason the football world isn’t still talking about how good our recruiting was is because they’re too busy talking about how bad North’s was






Sampsonite! I was wrong all this time.


I reckon this guy compares pretty well too zorko. Similar size and skill set. Bit of mongrel. What’s interesting is that they’ve played a similar number of games but Smith is 4 years younger. Reckon Smith still has a fair bit of development in him.

Hope he comes into his own a bit more with a bit more responsibility in the midfield. I think he can.

Hurry da fark up footy…


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