#5 Devon Smith - Best and Fairest


And fair to say he will give his share of lip onfield.

Positive confident lad.

Will be a gun for us.



Thank goodness this isn’t 2010


Devon Smith just got 50% better with the number 5 on his back


And he’s already answered that question. Are your ears painted on?


Huh? Pardon?


Like it, good choice I reckon. Won’t take it lightly but will also want to be the best to wear it. Good luck with that!


What odds for the brownlow?

If everything clicks for him and the side he could be a smoky if he plays midfield all year.


He’ll be taking votes away from Darcy who will be taking them from Hepp who will be taking them from Zerrett, who will only win by 6 in the last two rounds


If Merrett hits the scoreboard more regularly he can certainly get close.


Sorry…it was related to his interview where a woman reporter twice asked questions he’d already answered. He was fairly short in his responses.


Woosh …


No, I couldn’t hear you. My ears being painted on and everything.




Does anyone actually know what’s going on with these exercises?


Lunges with raised arms. Fairly common.


defeating the huns.




Warming up for pool comp.


I can just see woosh standing there. “let’s get down to business…”