#5 Devon Smith - Best and Fairest


“Imagine these poles have weights”


Not enough McGrath in this post for my liking.


Don’t you mean your eyes are painted on? (because you read it, not heard it)




Good point


I see what you did there…


He speaks so confidently and knows exactly what he has to do to break into the midfield as a shorter player. A natural competitor who will drive the training standards for years to come.
Exciting times, fk it’s been a long time since we’ve legitimately looked like reaching our potential!


Errr, don’t you mean it’s been a long time since we had some potential?




Dev and Darce, sledging opponents til the early morn !

Cant wait.

It will help if they also get 6 clearances each in every game.




I actually think in 2018 he will have the least impact out of the three we brought in which is so damn exciting considering how good he is.


I’m not so sure about that.

If he plays as a full time mid I can see him having a massive impact. His tackling alone will add considerably to our midfield.


I agree with this. Merrett was basically our only consistent 2 way runner in midfield. I reckon he’ll get considerable help from McGrath and Smith in particular and it will make a big difference.
Obviously the other blokes will have to pull their weight, but I think these 3 will lead the way in terms of defensive running from our midfielders, plus they’ll all add a lot offensively


I think he’s been waiting for the opportunity to prove himself in a midfield role.

Being 24 he’s entering his best years.


Again it’s an opportunity thing like Stringer.

Smith was so good as a HFF given goal nous and tackling that they kept him there. Still racking up 20+ possessions games often.

Both of them never really got a chance to play midfield as they were needed to play forward in their respective sides.

We don’t need either to. We need them as mids & they will both excel at it IMO. The fact they both play forward so well just helpful for their ability to hit scoreboard as midfielders and also team flexibility/rotations.


Spot on.


He’s reminding me of a young Mark Johnson - what he lacked in stature he more than made up for in presence & leadership.
100% focus on getting the job done.



Good assessment, Geelongs spine has dinosaurs in all KPPs.and in Sept 2018 the average age of their key mids will be 30.6