#5 Devon Smith - Best and Fairest


Yep. Salty Geelong supporting journo. Sat next to him once at a Dons vs Cats game and he wasn’t impressed when I stood up to cheer.


Haha. Love this guy.


Dev certainly does not suffer fools gladly with regard to the media - or perhaps in modern parlance he appears to give very few farks. It’s quite good to watch,


Should do all player media appearances going forward.


biggest figjam since reimers, bigger than the package


Can’t recall the last time we had so many players with such confidence.

F%$k next season is going to be a blast!


i honestly reckon he could be one of these guys who gets 25+ and a goal or two most weeks


To be fair, recent events have knocked some of the stuffing out of the Package.


Did somebody in hear say this bloke is a Brownlow Smokey???


At long odds he would be worth some money.

He would be paying well over $100 and if he adapts to midfield like I think he will and continues to kick goals he could catch the eye. Our midfield lacks flashy players so I cant see why he wouldn’t be a chance.

Even more so if we win lots of games.


Same, can’t wait to see him run out for us come round 1


There’s a reason why he’s be long odds…


I think you missed the memo about hyping up players in off season only to bring them down a few pegs during the year.


I agree.
He averaged basically 20 disposals and 5 tackles a game for the last 4 years without even playing midfield, so there’s every chance he can be a ball magnet woh more time on ball.


So we are penciling him in for the kind of output achieved by about 3 players in the competition.

Welcome to Essendon kiddo


welcome to Essendon - we have boundless hype to share


As well as endless negativity.


The bigger problem is, too many other players will be taking votes off him, and each other of course.


Was trying to think of nickname, so Smith comes from origin of blacksmith, so full metal, so full homage to AC/DC, I think Thunder