#5 Devon Smith - Best and Fairest


No meat in Devon!!!


or ‘cocktail’







I think he’ll slot in beautifully. With no disrespect to his skills on the attacking side (which are very good), he’s got some blue collar to his attitude - he just works his way into the action. Stringer and Saad will do more of the eye-catching stuff, but Smith could well contribute more in total. Stringer in particular has never demonstrated the work rate to perform consistently.


Honing non-specific processed meat with a hammer can be harder than you think.


A five year apprenticeship .No IT component.


onya dev


He’s a unit


I call him PASSWORD. He shall unlock the treasures.


He’s between 8-12 characters, must include a capital letter and punctuation?


Smith’s aren’t good with passwords.


Looks like Heath Hocking in that photo. Cant wait for next year


He looks as much like Heath Hocking as Gach Nyuon looks like Heath Hocking.




How dare you.


If anything he looks like an oven-shrinkie version Tom Bellchambers…


Looks like Colyer with less zip and far more skill :wink:


reminds me of me


Smith is my sons favourite player and he didn’t even play at Essendon who my son supports, he’s over the ■■■■■■ moon, can’t believe it happened.
I say fluke at it’s best.

He’s been talking to me about Smith for years.