#5 Devon Smith

Nobody will enjoy the bye round more than Smith.

He has played the role of two men!

He’s passionate always in a positive way.
Always one of the first to congratulate a teammate.
A bloke you’d love having on your team.

He’ll probably ask to play VFL on his week off so he can enjoy some leisure time tackling.


Makes you wonder why he wasn’t playing finals for GWS.

He’s the very definition of a team player.

oh man remember the time we used to recruit footballers

From Oct last year.



I also find that extremely ironic because gws is stacked with arrogant selfish flogs who are only interested in playing for themselves

Absolutely love him, I’ve always been jealous of teams two way running mids and we finally have one. Defensive beast and I think there is a heap of upside to him offensively. Should only get better.


Yep, heaps of upside offensively.

Could have had a couple of goals yesterday. It may indeed be the early onset of Essingtons disease, but I think in this case we’ll put it down to him being completely buggered from defensive efforts.

Imagine how pumped he is going to be to play against his old team this coming week.

I reckon Woosha and Heppell should let him do the “fire up” speech before the game.

A nephew of mine is freinds with a GWS flog, real glog of a gug too, latter said to my nephew, that once he’d got a premiumship with GWS , he’d come back to Vic. Should almost guarantee a career in Sydney with that attitude.

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That #5 is looking better than ever and I don’t think he is even in peak form. Loving it.


Where have you been Darth? Been ages since i have seen you post

Devon Smith returning to haunt GWS after bitter divorce

Ben Horne, The Daily Telegraph
May 21, 2018 7:06pm
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GWS didn’t rate Devon Smith highly enough to play him in last year’s finals and now the embattled club’s blind loyalty in Steve Johnson last September is coming back to bite them.

Smith’s bitter divorce from the Giants, sparked by his anger at being out of favour, led him straight to Essendon where his stunning stats in 2018 have him on track to set a new mark as the AFL’s all-time pressure player.

This Saturday night the 25-year-old returns to take on his former club at Spotless Stadium where he has a chance to ram home even more emphatically his point that the Giants should have selected him ahead of ageing warrior Johnson for last year’s preliminary final.

Smith is the No. 1 pressure player in the competition, averaging 73.5 pressure points to place him as the best in the comp and — as it stands — the No. 1 in the game’s history.

The fighting Bombers midfielder is also ranked No. 2 in the league for most tackles with an average of 8.3, and he is above average with 20 disposals, 13 uncontested possessions, 298 metres gained per game.

In contrast, slumping GWS are ranked fourth-last in the competition for applied pressure.

AFL great Dermott Brereton said he couldn’t comment on whether the Giants could have done more to keep Smith, but concedes GWS probably misused one of the season’s brightest talents.

“Everybody knew he was a seriously talented player. I probably thought he should have spent a bit more time in the midfield. I think he’s a very good midfield player, not only a clever small forward,” said Brereton.

“I think he’s been a real good find for Essendon. I don’t know and I didn’t read too much into the contract negotiations by the Giants or Devon’s party so I don’t know what happened there.”

Smith has admitted publicly that his banishing from all three of the Giants’ finals matches last season was the final nail in the coffin in his decision to demand a trade.
Smith decided to leave the Giants after being overlooked late last season. Pic: Getty Images

Meanwhile, Johnson — the man the Giants were effectively picking in his place — is on the other side of Sydney Harbour now coaching the Swans, a defection he had already agreed to before last year’s finals.

However, in the Giants’ defence, Johnson — a playoff specialist throughout his career — had kicked a bag in the second semi-final against West Coast and made himself difficult to drop for such a huge game, even if it wasn’t a call made with the future in mind.

Essendon rolled the dice on Smith, trading away their No. 11 draft pick in exchange for a small forward who had question marks over his knee and whether he could play in the midfield.

They’ve hit the jackpot though and Smith was again an important contributor in Essendon’s massive win over Geelong last weekend.

The Bombers are just a game and a half away from drawing level with GWS who are reeling from a three-game losing streak.

The Giants are desperately hoping Josh Kelly (groin) and Phil Davis (concussion) will return from injury for what shapes as a must-win encounter.


I love this bloke.

The 2000 side was littered with guys like Smith.


Be great if we can find more players like him via the trade.


Love how he gives a little bit of lip to the opposition (ie Bags 50). He’s good and he let’s opposition know about it .


let’s get the opinion of some guy who knows nothing about the contract and trade situation.



Hope he lays out every single GWS scumbag and flips off leon cameron for not picking him in the final, lays 458 tackles and kicks 7 snags.


Got the trade wrong…He was so much cheaper than pick 11…

When you say Smith, 24 and 2018 second rounder for 11 and 2018 third it looks even better